A week or two ago, there was a lot of upheaval about PayPal. The short story: they announced and update to their Acceptable Use Policy which featured an item where they stated they could fine a user 2.500 dollar for spreading ‘misinformation’, with PayPal being the judge, jury and executioner of what would constitute said ‘misinformation’. 

When massive backlash ensued, they backtracked, saying it was a mistake and that the policy would not be implemented. 

Now, they can say it was a mistake, but was it really? It seems to me that a company like that probably has a large legal team, and that policy updates have to be signed off on by multiple departments before they even get to the announcement stage.  So if this was a mistake, my take is that there would have been enough failsafes in said process to stop a mistake from happening before any buttons are pushed to send it out into the world. To me, this reeks more of ‘we’re sorry we got caught’ instead of an actual mistake. 

In the same week, someone told me about small companies selling CBD oil and/or supplements were either refused or cancelled. Added to that, I’ve read way too many instances of people or organisations being cancelled because they questioned the official narrative or had a political alignment that PayPal didn’t agree with. I was already thinking of saying goodbye to PayPal and was staying so as not to inconvenience anyone, but this tipped the scales.

Even more so because in the time it took me to line up an alternative, the cat was let out of the bag: once the upheaval died down, they changed the wording and implemented it anyway:

I realise this inconveniences us all, but I have lost any and all trust in them. They already were a pain in the behind blocking and restricting payments and accounts for unclear reasons but now they’ve taken it to a whole new level. 

As a replacement, we now have the Klarna payment method, and an option to pay by creditcard. This is not openly available, but can be accessed by choosing the Bank Transfer/ E-mail PaymentLink option. When you click on ’to website’, this triggers an e-mail that, towards the bottom, contains a link to the Mollie Payment screen where you can choose from all available options, including creditcard. 

I apologise for the inconvenience, and if you know of any other viable payment methods I can look into, please feel free to let me know. 

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