As announced, Miron has adjusted the prices of most items as of March 1st, due to rising costs of raw materials, energy and transport. This was to be expected, seeing as these costs are rising world-wide. 

Prices in the store will be adjusted in the course of the following months, depending on when I need to order new stock of certain items. 

Not all prices increase by the same percentage, but I’m guessing it’ll be around 15%, with some items increasing by more than that (WHA-B-500, WH-500 en WHA-B-1LT, for example) and some items increasing by less than that or not changing at all (FL-5 through to FL-20, pipette caps, spray caps and cosmetic bottles CFL15 t/m CFL-100).

Due to the above, it is temporarily not possible to order more of an item at the old price than is in stock at that moment.

New standard price, in euros, including VAT (Prices will change in the coming months. If the product name is in blue, the prices has been adjusted in the store or the price is unchanged.) If only one of both prices for an item has been changed, that price will be marked in blue.

Water bottlesPer itemNEWPer item- OLDPer bag/box/packNEWPer bag/box/packOLD
Water bottle Aquarius 100 ml2,922.49115.9295.54
Water bottle Aquarius 250 ml3,643.48104.1099.90
Water bottle Aquarius 500 ml5,354.9556.4051.59
Water bottle Aquarius 1 liter7,956.7582.2068.97
Water bottle Aquila, 500 ml6,504.9588.5066.07
Lotion pump for 250/500 ml Aquarius bottles1,301.25n/an/a
Replacement cap for water bottlesno changeno changen/an/a
DIN18 bottles
DIN18 5 ml bottle FL-5no changeno changeno changeno change
DIN18 10 ml bottle FL-10-63no changeno changeno changeno change
DIN18 10 ml bottle FL-10-70no changeno changeno changeno change
DIN18 15 ml bottle FL-15no changeno changeno changeno change
DIN18 20 ml bottle FL-201,491.42144.72123.78
DIN18 30 ml bottle FL-301,651.46131.12115,-
DIN18 50 ml bottle FL-502,081,90133,-119,43
DIN18 60 ml bottle FL-602,302,02139,30127,40
DIN18 100 ml bottle FL-1002,412,25107,5295,25
G24 bottle FL-200 (Orion 200 ml)
GCMI 24 200 ml bottle Orion, FL-2002,962,7082,2075,14
Glossy cap for CFL-50/CFL-100/CFL-200/FL-2000,700,65n/an/a
Pump cap with extended nozzle for 200 ml Orion FL-200 and50/100/200 ml Virgo CFL-50/100/2002,322,13n/an/a
Pump cap, dosage 0,5 ml, Metropolitan for FL-200/CFL-200no changeno changen/an/a
Spray caps for Orion 200 mlno changeno changen/an/a
Wideneck Jars
Saturn, 50 ml, WHA-S-503,403,15128,10117,39
Saturn, 100 ml, narrow, WHA-S-1003,493,33134,40125,53
Saturn, 100 ml, wide, WHA-B-1004,053,75129,15118,16
Saturn, 150 ml, WHA-B-1504,404.25120,-115,07
Saturn, 200 ml, WHA-B-2004,654,55100,8098,45
Saturn, 250 ml, WHA-E-2504,914,4591,-82,76
Saturn, 300 ml, WHA-B-3005.584,69103,-89,30
Saturn, 400 ml, WHA-E-4006,455,3591,9576,23
Saturn, 500 ml, WHA-B-5007,956,3545,-36,18
Saturn, 1 Liter, WHA-B-1LT9,958,3556,7047,27
Vitamin Jars
200 ml Carina, WH-2004,654,25126,-115,07
300 ml Carina, WH-3005,054,5092,-81,07
500 ml Carina, WH-5007,255,2578,3664,32
Cosmetic Jars
Wide cosmetic jars, CD-B-15/30/50/100no changeno changeno changeno change
Wide cosmetic jar, 200 ml, CD-B-2007,256,4577,4068,97
Standard cosmetic jars CD-S-5/10/15/30/50/100no changeno changeno changeno change
Cosmetic bottles
Virgo 15 ml CFL-151,901,95193,20200,38
Virgo 30 ml CFL-302,252,35182,70190,58
Virgo 50 ml CFL-502,542,69169,92174,24
Virgo 100 ml CFL-1003,-3,25147,34155,19
Virgo 200 ml CFL-2004,573,94127.80119,89
Luxury pipette with button for CFL-15 and CFL-30no changeno changeno changeno change
Round oil bottle Pollux /w metal sleeve with pourer, 100 ml3,102,95117,60111,80
Round oil bottle Pollux /w metal sleeve with pourer, 250 ml4,153,61131,25113,50
Round oil bottle Pollux /w metal sleeve with pourer, 500 ml5,254,25108,-92,06
Round oil bottle Pollux, black plastic screw cap 31.5 mm, 500 ml6,354,9987,7571,15
Square oil bottle Castor, black plastic screw cap, 100 mlno changeno changeno changeno change
Square oil bottle Castor, black plastic screw cap, 250 ml4,553,8082,-68,49
Square oil bottle Castor, black plastic screw cap, 500 ml5,984,85110,-92,20
Square oil bottle Castor, black plastic screw cap, 1 Liter8,956,80127,5096,92
Apothecary jars
Libra 50 ml FL-AP-5011,259,85436,38378,61
Libra 100 ml FL-AP-10012,9510,95231,-193,-
Libra 250 ml FL-AP-25013,7511,25375,30291,13
Libra 500 ml FL-AP-50016,2012,5079,7571,80
Libra 1 liter FL-AP-1LT19,5016,11113,7086,97
Libra 2 liter FL-AP-2LT31,9523,70122,-90,27
100 ml bowl Polaris VGS-100no changeno changeno changeno change
Din18 closures
Child proof dropper caps0,400,3318,5015,13
Series 2/3/3D pourer/dropper/screw capsno changeno changeno changeno change
Wide pourer caps for FL-50 en FL-100no changeno changeno changeno change
Roll-on cap, plastic ball1,150,85n/an/a
Roll-on cap, glass ball1,190,96n/an/a
Roll-on cap, metal ballno changeno changen/an/a
Pipette caps
DIN18 pipette capsno changeno changeno changeno change
Casca seal for CD-B-15 0,260,25n/an/a
Casca seal for CD-B-300,280,25n/an/a
Casca seal for CD-B-500,330,25n/an/a
Casca seal for CD-B-100/WHA-B-5000,380,28n/an/a
Casca seal for CD-B-200/WHA-B-1LT0,400,30n/an/a
Foam seal for CD-B-15/30/50no changeno changeno changeno change
Foam seal for CD-B-100/WHA-B-5000,290,25n/an/a
Foam seal for CD-B-200/WHA-B-1LT0,350,31n/an/a
Foam seal for CD-S-50,120,15n/an/a
Foam seal for CD-S-100,130,15n/an/a
Foam seal for CD-S-150,140,15n/an/a
Foam seal for CD-S-30/50/100no changeno changeno changeno change
Foam seal for WHA-S-50/1000,160,17n/an/a
Foam seal for WHA-E-250/400no changeno changeno changeno change
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