Update September 25th: due to the consecutive price changes, I haven’t received an updated price list yet, I will only find out what my new price is the moment I re-order items. My apologies for the inconvenience!

Update September 1st: There have been some more price changes on August 1st, those will be implemented when items need to be re-ordered. The background of these changes is that glass unfortunately requires a lot of gas to produce.

Update June 27th: The table has been updated, as have a number of prices of items that had to be restocked. 

Update June 17th 2022: Miron has made some minor adjustments to their prices, mainly some lids and closures, so this list may change a little bit when I’ve had the time to re-calculate the prices.

As announced, Miron has adjusted the prices of most items as of March 1st, due to rising costs of raw materials, energy and transport. This was to be expected, seeing as these costs are rising world-wide. 

Prices in the store will be adjusted in the course of the following months, depending on when I need to order new stock of certain items. 

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