New Store

Due to switching from Magento to CCV Shop, a completely new store will go live this week. When the domain name is switched from the current store to the new one, the store will be off-line for a number of hours. 

All active accounts have been transferred, but they still need to be activated. You can do this by clicking on Login at the top right of the screen, followed by clicking the ‘Forgot Password?’ link and entering the e-mail address for your account. The store will then send you an e-mail with a link to set a new password. After that, you can use your account.  

Below is some more information about the new store:

Most of the website will probably be self-explanatory, but here’s a short introduction:

First off, you can change the store language in the header. Next to the Login link at the top right, there’s the name of the active language, but the theme wouldn’t let me use flags, so I added the flags on the top left of the bar. They’re not visible yet in the image, but they will be once the domain name has been pointed to the new store:

At the top of the  product listing, you can choose between a product list or a product grid. (1) Items (2) lets you choose the number of items on one page, and ‘Sort by’ changes the order of the items. 

The product image (4) hides  the ‘order’ and ‘quick view’ buttons (see second image) and, if a product has multiple images, a ‘view images’ button. 

To view the full product page, click the product name (5). The product page has tabs with descriptions and properties. 

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